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Rolling Papers / Cigarette papers

Papers are cigarette papers that are usually made from hemp, rice or flax.

Important properties of cigarette papers are the thickness of the paper, the glow, the taste and the adhesive strip.

Papers should ...

  • be equipped with an adhesive strip, which consists of natural ingredients
  • burn odorless
  • have no taste of their own (exception: flavored papers)
  • be as thin as possible
  • burn down slowly & evenly

We offer you a variety of cigarette papers for sale. Some papers are narrow, others are wide. Some are packaged as individual leaflets, others on long rolls that allow you to determine the length of the cigarettes yourself. Last but not least, there are pre-rolled cigarette cases (Cones). Cigarette paper does not necessarily have to be white, but often has a natural brown tone or is even transparent.

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